Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation Advisory Board


The purpose and function of the Advisory Board:

  1. Advisory: The Primary purpose of the Intramural Sports Advisory Board shall be to advise the Intramural Sports staff of the intramural sports interests, desires, and needs of the University constituencies of the Board members.
  2. Review and Evaluate: The Intramural Sports Advisory Board shall review and evaluate the goals, objectives, policies, and services of the Intramural Sports office, and where appropriate, offer recommendations for the program's improvement.
  3. Liaison: The Intramural Sports Advisory Board shall serve in a liaison capacity between Intramural Sports and Intramural Sports participants in order to represent and convey the needs and desires of the various constituencies. In this capacity, they will convey the recommendations of the board to the Intramural Sports staff, and in turn communicate and interpret the policies and procedures of Intramural Sports to those whom they represent.
  4. Support: The Intramural Sports Advisory Board shall support the continuous development of intramural sports activities through appropriate requests for financial allocations for staffing, equipment, and physical facilities, and shall convey this support to the University administration in whatever ways seem most suitable.
  5. Appeals: The Intramural Sports Advisory Board shall act on appeals regarding disciplinary action taken by the Intramural Sports Department upon request of the Intramural Sports participant.