Campus Recreation
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Sport Club?
A sport club is a registered student organization that promotes and develops interest in a particular sport or physical activity. A club may be instructional, recreational or competitive, or may involve any combination. Participation in a sport club is voluntary. Sport clubs are officially sponsored by the university and are administered through Campus Recreation.
What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramural Sports?
Although both are managed by Campus Recreation, Club Sport teams are led and organized by students. Team practices, competitions, and fundraising are managed by individual club officers and members. Finally, Club Sports participants may travel to other universities to compete while individuals playing Intramural Sports compete against other members of the AUM community.
How much does it cost to be a member of a Sport Club?
Each Sport Club cost a different amount. Some are free while other varies pertaining to the activity. Costs may vary between free or having some cost to participate. For more information please contact or 334-244-3933.
How do I join a Sport Club?
Any current AUM student, faculty of staff member is eligible to participate on a Club Sports team. You must first contact the club you are interested in to find out when they hold practices or try-outs. You can visit us online at to find out information as well. Many clubs hold general information sessions at the beginning of each semester to recruit interested new members. To complete the process, you must register with the sport club you are interested in and turn in all paper work to the Campus Recreation office located in Education Building Room 211.
What clubs are currently offered?
AUM Club Sports program just started as a pilot program for the Spring 2010 semester. As of now, Club Sports is offering: Table Tennis, Wrestling, Fishing, Triathlon Club, Officials Club, and Frisbee Golf. Students interested in starting up other club sports can contact the Campus Recreation office at or by calling 334-244-3933.
How are the Sport Clubs funded? 
Sport Clubs in good standing can apply to receive money from the Campus Activity Board and or Campus Recreation. Clubs may also hold fund raisers and collect member dues. First year clubs will not receive any university money and will need to fund raise and collect member dues to fund their clubs.  
Do I Have to Tryout?
Any AUM student, faculty, or staff member is eligible to participate in the club in all practices and social activities. Some clubs will have tryouts for traveling or competitive teams as not all participants are guaranteed equal return on their investment.
What is the Sport Club Executive Board? 
The Sports Club Executive Council is an advisory group of  peer elected members to the Club Sports Program. The council holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss a variety of issues pertinent to the program. Each club is required to have a representative present at these meetings.
The Sports Club Council shall pursue the development of and fulfillment of program goals and objective including recruitment, fundraising, risk management, marketing, awards and recognition, and policy development. It is made up the presidents and vice presidents of each club within the Club Sport program.