Wellness Center
Boxmania Class

It is the purpose of the Fitness program at Auburn Montgomery to provide the opportunity to participate in wellness activities regardless of ability. The program is designed to serve the entire AUM family. This includes students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through involvement in the program, participants have the opportunity to grow and develop physically and socially.
A new challenge has been added this year for the 2014 Wellness Miles: Accumulative miles is now 350.
Monday/Wednesday 4:30 classes will be moved up to 4:15 to allow more time before the 5:30 classes.
There will not be any group fitness classes on July 4, 2014 weekend.

The Wellness Center will be closed on July 4, 2014.

To check out the Fitness Class schedule , click on the PDF file at the bottom of the fitness classes page.  
If anyone has suggestions or comments about the group fit classes, you may contact Wendy Franklin, Wellness Center Program Manager, at 244-3029.

The Surgeon General recommends 30 minutes or more of physical activity each day to reap health benefits. The Wellness Center offers a variety of classes for everyone. Check out the schedule, pick a class, and try it out. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain! 

 Fitness Class descriptions:

45 min cycle to developing cadiovascular/muscular strength and endurance
Spin Plus: 30 min cycle followed by 15 min. core work
Zumba: Latin inspired dance fitness class
Zumba Toning: Latin inspired dance using sand-fillled weights
Yoga: Overall toning/flexibility for the mind and body
Pilates: Body conditioning building core strength, improving coordination and balance
Tabata: High intensity interval training: 20/10 work to rest ratio for a total of 8 rounds
AIS( Active Isolated Stretching) Stretching all muscles that surround each joint increasing ROM.
Party Pump: Full Body workout using barbells/weights coreographed to music developing strength/tone
Powerbodyz: Intense Interval training combining cardiovascular movements with body weight only  WaterAerobics: Non- impact cardiovascular excercises in the water
Ab Blast:concentrated core work using dumbells,bands,balls.
Step Fusion:
Step class followed by core work
PTP ( Power, Toning, Pilates): strength conditioning using mat pilates and standing core moves
Lights Out: Power punching/kicking combinations developing strength/cardio fitness.
Wellness Miles: A progressive program from March 1st through December 31st 2014, accumulating daily/monthly miles to help to achieve your personal fitness goals. This year your new goal is to reach 350 total miles! Good Luck and Happy Training.

 What constitutes Wellness Miles:

Any continuous activity of at least 15 minutes insuide or out = 1 Mile
45 minute Aerobic Class = 3 miles
60 minute class = 4 miles
Indoor Track 30 minutes = 2 miles ( 10 laps/1mile)
Elliptical machines, Treadmills, Bikes = actual miles
Lap Swimming 1760 yards = 1 mile
5k,10k,half marathon and marathon= actual distance