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cycling class

Aqua Deep Water –
Aqua Fitness in Deep Water

Aqua Fitness – A refreshing way to literally “get your sweat on!”  A full body cardio workout using your body weight and fun aquatic tools to vary the intensity of water resistance. Enjoy fun music while being kind to your joints with this low impact workout.

Aqua Zumba – A low-impact, 45 minute high-energy aquatic exercise class using water resistance to achieve your fitness goals. A fun filled Zumba class for those looking to make a splash!

Cycle-Climb on your bike and get ready to sprint, climb hills and race through a challenging but exhilarating cardiovascular workout.

Cycle Plus- 30 minutes of spinning following by 15 minutes of core work on the floor.

GRIND- Getting Real Intervals Done-
This is true interval training using body weight movements to reach your cardiovascular peak. 

A high intensity fusion of Boxing, Cardio and Dance Sculpting to the hottest beats from all decades. Expect sprints, burpees, squats and to “SWEAT LIKE CRAZY!” Super fit or totally uncoordinated, Konga is for you!

Metafit - 
The original Group Ex HIIT workout. 30 straight minutes of non-choreographed, heart pumping bodyweight exercises that set the metabolism on fire! Metafit WORKS! It’s tough cause it’s meant to be!

Step Fit – Traditional Step, Tabata, Fit Drills, you get it all in this “mash up class” of VARIETY! Burn calories and fat by going for the “after burn” in this high intensity/recovery interval class!

Sunrise Cycle – Early morning indoor group cycling




Push-ups on medicine ball

Strength training for the upper body and core. Using medium to heavier free weights and/or the power bars, decrease your repetitions, work and get results!

Body Barre – A Lunch Hour class for strengthening and toning the full body. Using the Lebert Equalizer Bar for balance, perform a combination of postures inspired by ballet, Yoga and Pilates. Focus on isometric strength training combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and targeted core work.

Butts & Guts- 45 minutes of resistance training utilizing stability ball, gliding towels, resistance bands and kettlebells. Lower body and abs are the main focus but no body part is left out!  

Kettlebell AMPD –
This calorie-torching 45 minute class combines your favorite kettlebell moves to heart-pumping music in a group fitness setting. Using weights anywhere from 5-15 lbs, each song addresses specific areas while maintaining a whole-body routine. 

Queenax Team Training- A FUNctional workout program that incorporates play-based movements and challenges that trains muscles and movement. Stay motivated and engaged as you are “coached” in this full body fitness class. 

Warhawk Weights- A strength training class using a variety of equipment including barbells, dumbbells and plates. It targets all major muscle groups and emphasizes high repetitions and muscle fatigue.




Holding planks on medicine ball

Active Isolated Stretch
-Stretch from head to toe in this class with safe exercises that are adaptable to individual needs. As a result you may notice increased flexibility, improved posture and better range of motion with movement. 

Active Yoga– A modern, more active yoga class that combines Ashtanga , Vinyasa and Hatha. 

Dynamic Flow Yoga – A more fast paced type of class. This is for more intermediate to advanced students. Strength and advanced postures and poses flow with breath and movement.

Midday Yoga – An alignment based class that is taught based on the class participant’s needs. A great class for transitioning to the evening Dynamic Flow Yoga. 

– A series of traditional mat exercises focusing on core strength and stability.

Slow Flow Yoga – This is for anyone new to yoga or if you just want to deepen your practice. Modifications taught throughout the class. Alignment and posture are emphasized.






Belly Dance Fitness/Pilates
 - An up-tempo workout presented in a 30/30 format that incorporates a variety of belly dance moves and Pilates. Shimmy and sweat, burn calories and increase core strength and stability. No prior dance experience required, just willingness to “shake what you got!”  

 – A choreographed sculpt workout that includes dumbbells, balls and towel exercises to shape and sculpt the entire body. Using functional, high repetition movements to firm up and burn fat while enjoying the subtle addition of dance flavor.

Zumba – a fun and exciting workout inspired by high energy Latin music. Less intimidating atmosphere for people who may not be as coordinated as others. It means to “move fast and have fun” and you will!

Zumba Toning-The fun of Zumba classes with added resistance using lightweight maraca-like Toning sticks.