Wellness Center
001- Ultimate Warhawk Challenge 2014

   SPRING 2015​

Individuals can SIGN UP TODAY!  Send an email with your name and your preferred email address  to receive the details and a schedule of events to wfrankl3@aum.edu.  


   sign up by Friday, January 30, at noon.

Come out and play! It's that time of year again for the Student Warhawk Wellness Challenge. Get active with fun Friday challenges, Wellness Center classes and your own daily workout activities. You can win prizes, train your body and develop relationships with others in this six week challenge.

                    JUGGLE VOLLEYBALL          BEAST MODE KICKBALL    
                                           FLYING DISC GOLF
  • Prizes will include either MONEY added to your Warhawk Card or FREE Fit-Force Group training sessions at the Wellness Center.
  • Winners will be the Top 5 Point Finishers & the Top 5 Challenge and Group Fitness Class Participants.

Sponsored by: AUM Wellness Center, Housing & Campus Services, Student Involvement