Campus Recreation
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intramural Sports?
Intramurals offer a level of sports competition that is offered by most colleges and universities. It is where students, faculty, staff, and even alumni can form teams in various sports and compete against one another internally. Some intramural sports offer an opportunity to play other schools or external participants. This is referred to as extramurals.
When is registration?
Intramural Sports registration is opens two weeks before each event. You can check specific dates and deadlines for specific events in the upcoming events section of the intramural website.
Who is eligible to play intramural sports?
Any Auburn Montgomery students, faculty, staff, or alumni may participate. Students must be prepared to show proper identification when participating to intramural staff. Some events allow members of the community to participate as well.
How do I form a team?
Ask other students in your residence hall, classes, clubs, etc., if they would like to play and form a team. If you cannot find a team, we have a free agent process. All free agents will be given to our free agent specialist and they will put you on a team or form a team of free agents. Free agents can also be picked up by other team captains.
If you want to be a free agent, e-mail when registration begins.
How do I sign up for Intramurals?
You can register your team by clicking the registration link on this site (in "click it" menu) or as a free agent by e-mailing with your team name, the league you want to participate in (men's, women's, co-rec), and the level of play (competitive, recreational). You also need to mention the sport you are registering for and give your phone number and e-mail you can be reached by. Availability times should also be included. 
Can I play on more than one team?
Yes, with conditions. Rosters are open during the regular season but will be closed during playoffs. Individuals can play on more than one men's team during the regular season (but not more than two), or you can play on a co-rec team and a men's team, or a co-rec team and a women's team. During the playoffs, individuals are limited to one men's team only, or one men's team and one co-rec team if playing in both leagues.
Do I need equipment?
Most sports will have equipment available for use. However, certain sports may require you to provide your own equipment. For example, you might need a glove for softball, although some gloves are available.
What are extramural tournaments?
Extramurals is an extension of intramurals, and teams will play other individuals from the community, other clubs, or other universities. An example of an AUM-hosted extramural event is Battle for Bama Table Tennis showdown, held every April/early May, or the Lloyd Christmas Holiday Dodgeball tournament held in December. Other examples are regional and national competition in flag football and basketball. More information about extramurals can be found on the Extramural Sports page on this site.