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Free Agent Information


Looking For A Team? Become a Free Agent


Individuals looking for a team to play on have three options:

  1. Attend a captain's meeting - This is the best opportunity to be placed on a team. Check out the sport pages for the sport you are interested in playing and attend the captain's meeting for that sport. At the end of the meeting (approximately one hour), we'll have all free agents get together and form teams for our leagues. It's that simple!

  2. Sign up on the free agent lists - Individuals without a team can send an e-mail with their namee-mailphone numberaddress and student ID number to to be added to the free agent list. 

    Once registration has ended, teams needing extra players will look at the free agent lists. If you do get picked for a team, please e-mail us so we may remove you from the list.

    The Intramural Sports office will also try to make free agent teams from the free agent pool, if enough agents are available.

  3. Go to the sites and ask around - If you know you can play on a certain night, head out to the fields/courts. Often teams will have just enough players to play or are even looking for one more person. Who will they find on such short notice? YOU!!!