Wellness Center
28- Campus at night


Membership is open to all students, staff, alumni, and certain affiliates of the university and their spouses/dependents.

A Warhawk Access card is needed for all constituents to access the facility.
Students, faculty, and staff should visit the AUM Bookstore to get a Warhawk Access card.
Alumni, certain affiliates of the university, spouses, and dependents should visit the AUM Wellness Center to get your Warhawk Access card.

Memberships are for the selected term and are non refundable.
Initial contract terms must be completed before cancellation.

 STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS: Free. This is any individual currently enrolled in for-credit classes determined each semester.
Student members are those students who pay the AUM Student Activity Fee. Individuals taking classes at AUM in which a Student Activity Fee is not paid cannot join the Wellness Center as a student member. This would include: Dual Enrolled students, ESL students, Continuing Education Participants, Seamless Admission Students, etc.
Any individual who is a full-time employee of the university or retired from the university.

$30.00/month       (12 months)
$40.00/month      3 month trial
$50.00       1 month trial


Any individual who took for-credit classes at AUM and is a current member of the AUM Alumni Association.

$35.00/month       (12 months)
$45.00/month      3 month trial
$55.00       1 month trial


Any individual who is a currently a  member of the AUM Alumni Association.

$50.00/month       (12 months)
$60.00/month      3 month trial
$70.00       1 month trial


Individuals who work for a company designated as an "affiliated company" with the university. Such designations to be made by AUM.
$50.00/month       (12 months)
$60.00/month      3 month trial
$70.00       1 month trial

You must complete the above agreement to join the center.


Faculty/Staff can submit this form with their agreement.
Daily Guest Pass Agreement
Guests must be sponsored by a member.

Membership Cancellation
Early Cancellation Fee is one month's membership fee

Payment method:
Personal Check
Credit Card


Dependents must be 16 years of age or older, no older than 25, and be a dependent of the primary member as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Spouse and Dependent statuses are subject to verification.

$10.00/month      12 months
$20.00/month   3 month trial
$30.00   1 month trial

**Student members' dependents must pay for the entire semester